Mike Allred - From Fan to Artist on 'Daredevil' #17

USA Today revealed that Madman and iZombie artist Mike Allred is jumping aboard Mark Waid's wonderful run Daredevil with issue #17.

In a recent issue of the series, which has previously been drawn by Marcos Martin, Paolo Manuel Rivera and Chris Samnee, Allred professed his love for the title by saying:

I would LOVE to do a guest spot if you'd be into my humble scratchings.

To which Daredevil editor Steve Wacker replied:


And there you have it. Dreams do come true, kiddies!

Here's a look at USA Today's the full cover of Daredevil #17

Daredevil issue 17 cover

Allred's retro, 60's style will perfectly fit the feel of the world that Waid and co. have created for Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson and the rest of the gang.

This will be good.

Daredevil #17 debuts in August