Forget Shawarma - Here Are 10 Favorite Foods Of Superheroes

Fans who have seen the Summer’s biggest blockbuster know one thing: the true star isn’t the super-soldier, the guy in the iron suit, or even the “other guy” - it’s the shawarma. But superheroes have been picky about their food long before the Avengers (and their favorite spiced meat) were the new hotness. Here are ten superheroes favorite foods:

10. Creamsicles (Thor)

Okay, we don’t have a lot of evidence to back this up, other than one panel in a random comic book that became a bit of an Internet meme. But he certainly seems to be suggesting his ice cream pop trumps Norn-fruit, doesn’t he?

9. Tacos (Zatanna)

DC Comics’ favorite backwards speaking magic user certainly seems to have combed at least fifty-two different universes to find that perfect taco. That’s a lot of tacos... And a lot of magic. And if that isn't enough for you, check out her last request before getting braces:

8. Chimichangas (Deadpool)

The Merc With The Mouth has actually professed love for various ridiculous substances (notably pudding), but his love for mexican food - and deep fried chimichangas in particular - is well documented. Check out the above classic joke from Fabian Nicieza’s run for evidence.

7. Pizza (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

This is a bit of a cheat, as everyone’s favorite Alien Adult Non-Mutated Hippies just kind of occasionally eat pizza in the comics. But in the cartoon? They love pizza almost as much as they love being turtles.

6. Chinese Food (Birds of Prey)

The New 52 incarnation of this all female team hasn’t professed interest in eating anything yet; but during Gail Simone’s much beloved run on the title, the girls of Birds of Prey would decompress after a mission by chowing down on a healthy helping of MSG heavy noodles and unidentifiable meat.

5. Nachos (Batman)

You could also argue this one, as comic book Batman has only professed being very good at cooking steak, though not necessarily loving it. Also he only really eats crime, before spitting it back out. But in the animated The Batman, Bruce Wayne’s favorite food was nachos, which then led to a hilarious callback in the more recent Batman: The Brave and the Bold. In an episode called “A Bat Divided,” the Dark Knight is split into three separate bodies. And when Angry Batman sees Slacker Batman making a big plate of nachos, he yells, “Batman does not eat nachos!” And so, a thousand gifs were launched.

4. Burgers (Wolverine)

Here’s one you’d potentially want to argue, as Wolverine’s favorite food is probably actually beer, right? Except in the canonical Wolverine video game for the NES, it’s revealed that his favorite food is actually a “Burger with the works: onions, jalepeno peppers, chili cause, pickles, and cheese.” This, of course, played an important part in the Fatal Attractions storyline, when Magneto used his powers to rip a burger right out of Wolverine’s hands. Not true.

3. Wheat Cakes (Spider-Man)

You might see the webslinger more frequently nowadays with a hot dog in his hand, or chomping on doughnuts as he swings around town, but there’s no food more identified with Peter Parker than his Aunt May’s wheat cakes. Heck, on the second page of Amazing Fantasy #15, she declares that they're his "favorite breakfast." Oh, and by the way: for those of us not born around the time Spider-Man first came out, wheat cakes are basically pancakes, but way grosser.

2. Beef Bourguignon with Ketchup (Superman)

One of the clearest examples of a favorite food in comic books? Superman’s love for Beef Bourguignon with ketchup. Really. He’s seen ordering it multiple times (even in the far future of “Kingdom Come”), and Lois even nick-names him B.B.W.K. when she calls him on the phone. Some argue that after Mark Waid’s revisionist “Birthright,” he became vegetarian, but we’re guessing the whole point of DC’s New 52 reboot was to bring Beef Bourguignon back into continuity. Also, one time this happened:

1. Chocos (Martian Manhunter)

Like E.T. with his Reeses Pieces, DC’s alien Martian Manhunter has an unending love for Chocos (i.e., Oreos, but without any pesky legal issues). How important are chocos to Martian Manhunter? When he died, only a lone cookie was left on his coffin. Talk about death by chocolate. Zing!

OTHER FAVORITE FOODS: Hamburgers (Jughead); Anything that’s edible (Volstagg); Orange Lantern Cookies (Larfleeze); Planets (Galactus)

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