Tweet #AmyMeetsAbed If You Want Karen Gillan On Community's Inspector Spacetime!

The headline pretty much says it all, folks. But after she previously tweeted that she loves Inspector Spacetime, Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan is taking it to the tweets, starting a grass roots campaign to get herself to appear as the Inspector’s faithful companion (note the lack of caps) on the show within a show on NBCs Community.

If you’re not up to speed:

1) Karen Gillan is the current Companion on BBC America’s Doctor Who.

2) She’s leaving the show this year.

3) Community has a hilarious parody of Who called Inspector Spacetime.

Now you’re up to speed. In a video posted by BBC America today, Gillan took the cause to the Internet. So if you want Karen on Community (and why wouldn’t you?), then all you have to do is use the hashtag #AmyMeetsAbed, and help make the Internet melt into a puddle of Tumblr gifs and GetGlue check-ins. Here’s the vid for more info: