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ART! Killer Ninja Turtles by Ian Glaubinger! (via HeroChan)

HORSE! The man behind Twitter phenom Horse ebooks is revealed!

KING! Ever wondered where to start on the super-daunting Stephen King library? FHM has got ya covered!

CALLING BRUCE WILLIS! NASA will reveal new plans to put a man on an asteroid!

EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP...AGAIN! New Banksy art has appeared on a London street!

PIN-UPS! Dangerous Minds asks: Were 50's pin-up models the first victims of Photoshop?

WHO YA GONNA CALL? Take a tour of the Ghostbusters' New York! (via Popcandy)

TUNES! Amplify Your Phone’s Speakers with a Glass Vase or Pitcher

EMPIRE! Awesome behind-the-scenes pics from Empire Strikes Back!

LEARN TO LOVE, NERDS! Badass Digest counts down "Five Ways To Be A Good Fan"

Love what you love. But accept loving this thing - this one movie, these episodes of a TV show, these comic books - doesn’t mean you have to love all the other things with the same name. Love the art that made the movie, the comic, the show, and appreciate it on its own. That will actually make your appreciation stronger, because you’ll be so much more specific about what it is that moves you, more than just being enslaved to a franchise.

CREATORS! Comics Reporter shines on a light on all the creators of The Avengers!

DETHKLOK! The real/make believe band from Metalocalypse is heading out on tour!

TESLA! Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived!

VID! Just the kicks, baby!