Let Your Gamer Flag Fly With Woot.com's Board Gaming Shirts

"Not a Snowballs Chance..." - Winner of the Shirt.Woot.com board gaming derby. Design by user lucky1988.

Board games are not exactly ripe material for t-shirt design. Aside from bad Catan "wood for sheep" puns and people who turn Twister mats into rain coats, you don't often see people sporting a love of tabletop gaming on their chest. Designing the ultimate board gamer t-shirt requires a special touch: one happily provided by the slightly twisted folk over at Shirt.Woot.com.

As part of the site's 250th Derby competition, the floodgates of board game t-shirts have been opened. An army of designers took a shot at making their best board gaming shirt, and the Woot.com community voted their favorites to the top. Only three of these shirts will make the cut, though, so check back over the next three days to see which new shirt has been put up for sale.

You can view all of the entries here, or if you prefer, skip right to the top vote-getters. Today's reveal was the #1 voted shirt, a Monty Python and the Holy Grail meets Monopoly mashup (pictured above). Other candidates for the weekend include spoofs on Trivial Pursuit, Risk, Life, Pandemic, Catan, and the D20.

Unfortunately "My Bad," a hip-hop parody of Sorry, did not make the cut.