Fox Exits "Alcatraz"

The ratings-challenged mystery series about the Rock gets the axe heading into the 2013 season.

Not even in the Mouth of Madness star Sam Neill could save Alcatraz, Fox's attempt at a long-form mystery, and one of the weaker entries of the current season (hey, at least it outlasted Lone Star's one and done episode). The series featured Neill, along with Lost's Jorge Garcia and Sons of Anarchy/Big Love actress Sarah Jones as a team investigating the mysterious disappearance and sudden reappearance of convicts and guards from the San Francisco Bay area island prison 50 years ago.

The structure of the show typically saw the team learning that some criminal was using one of the vanished con's MO and they would subsequently track him down, a formula which didn't seem to win over many viewers. Still, at least for sci-fi/otherworldly weirdness, we still have one more season of Fringe.

[Source: TVLine]

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