Happy 68th Birthday, George Lucas!

Grab some Yoda sodas and Wookie cookies, cuz today is the 68th birthday of Master Jedi, George Lucas!

And here is a special gif that our very own Mister Gif created:

I remember when I started working for George, a "few" year's back in a galaxy far far away, and I couldn't believe how lucky I was, IT WAS MY DREAM TO WORK FOR THAT FLANNEL-SPORTING GENIUS!! Then I made the mistake of getting drunk at the holiday party. I went up to him because well, I thought he HAD to meet me. People were waiting in line to talk to him, so I jumped right in with my sister as my date. We got to the front, I told him how happy I was to work for him and how much I loved Star Wars. I went to shake his hand and it was like shaking a limp, wet noodle. You know what I'm talking about. How disappointing. BLAH. He was basically un-phased by my presence and I staggered away into a pile of sourdough bread. Later on some fellow co-workers warned me "Ooooh, you know that's the unspoken rule, no one ever approaches him at the parties."  


When I got to work the following Monday morning, I thought for sure Jane Bay would be calling me to tell me to pack up my desk. Thankfully she never did, so thank YOU GEORGE LUCAS for not firing me. The next year, however, at the next holiday party, people were taking pictures with him. Man! I wanted one too!! So guessy what I did:


And that was my Christmas card that year - MERRY XMAS, XOXO LAUREL AND GEORGE!!