Roleplayers Assemble! Marvel Heroic RPG Event Books and Supplements are Coming

Things can't get much better for Marvel fans. The Avengers just smashed box office records, Avengers vs X-Men is topping the comic book charts, and the newly released Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game has been a hit among RPG players. To capitalize on this whirlwind of superhero success, publisher Margaret Weis Productions has prepared a steady stream of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying content, starting with the Civil War story arc.

As the first campaign event to his the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying universe, Civil War will kick off with an Event Book release. According to the announcement, the Event Book will contain "the major decision points leading up to and during during the war. Over thirty hero datafiles, dozens of heroes and villains on either side of the conflict, and details on S.H.I.E.L.D, Hydra, A.I.M., and more!"

Available for pre-order now, the Event Book is available as a $29.99 hardcover or a $39.99 premium edition. The more expensive option contains the full Operations Manual (core book), serving as a standalone product that provides all of the necessary info to run a game in one book.

Following the Event Book, a series of Event Supplements is planned as well. Early foll0w-ups will include the 50 States Initiative, X-Men, and Young Avengers supplements.

The events don't stop with Civil War though. Margaret Weis Productions has been pitching a three-event launch since the original Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game was first announced. The three promised events were X-Men: Age of Apocalypse, Civil War, and Annihilation. We've known for some time that Civil War would be first up, the MWP just recently revealed that Annihilation will be the second event, with its Event Book planned for a June release alongside the Civil War: X-Men Event Supplement.

In a recent designer diary post, Cam Banks shed some light on the decision to use Event Books and Event Supplements to structure the MHR product release schedule, stating:

"Marvel strongly believes that all of its characters exist in context; with decades of history in some cases, as well as alternate universe versions, clones, and copycat characters, it's just as important to frame a character in terms of his or her place in this larger history as it is to describe their super powers. And, when you're looking at all of Marvel's history, those big blockbuster crossover events stand out as being great anchors for these characters and the stories that you might tell with them.

Those decades of history are a deep well for MWP to tap into, so stay tuned to see what Cam Banks and company will pick next to keep MHR going strong past 2012.