Art Collective 4Burners Paints Avengers Mural in South Bronx

The art collective 4Burners, that features MTV's own Gusto as well as: Sen2, Deem, Logek, Owns, Dasic and Rubin took their mutual love of comics and their enthusiasm for the Avengers movie to a South Bronx wall with their latest graffiti mural!

Gusto says:

We are all comic book fans and were inspired to do an Avengers Themed mural to coincide with the release of the movie. Each one of us has taken a character, and will mold our piece (name) around the look and feel of the character, both with lettering style and color/background/effects. The wall will be divided as a comic book, and each persons section will take a look of its own to correspond with the hero. The mural is located in the South Bronx, Hunts Point area: Faile St and Randall Ave.

The Characters we chose to represent:

Gusto - Iron man

Sen2 - The Hulk

Owns - Capt America

Logek - Thor

Deem - Hawkeye

Rubin - Black Widow

The group is made up of mostly New York natives, though Rubin hails from Sweden, while Dasic originates from Chile. Gusto says:

We've been painting together as a crew for 3 years, and are one of the last few crews that are truly representing New York as a focal point for graffiti culture.

Get a look at more of 4Burners' work on their Avengers mural right here:

Here's the finished product!

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You can find out more info and see more work at You can also visit the group's Facebook and Gusto's Twitter