Jeff Lemire Says Goodbye to 'Sweet Tooth'

In a blog post on the Vertigo Comics website, Jeff Lemire announced that Sweet Tooth #40 would the series' last issue, ending a run of what has been a truly wonderful and original story.

In the post titled "Bitter Sweet..." Lemire said:

I suppose I could have stretched it out a bit longer. I could have had a few more obstacles pop up along the way to Alaska to lengthen the journey (and the series), but it just felt like it was time. Gus wanted to get to Alaska now…and who am I to argue? I’ll miss my little antlered friend. But I owe it to him to finish his story properly. To “leave it all on the ice” as they like to say up here in Canada. And that means not prolonging the series just because I can.

In light of recent events and drama surrounding the cancellation of Chris Roberson and Mike Allred's iZombie, Lemire was careful to stress that Sweet Tooth was not cancelled. He said:

So why end it now? I want to make one thing really clear…Sweet Tooth is not being cancelled. The decision to end it at #40 is entirely my choice. Truth is, I always knew what the ending of Sweet Tooth would be. It was one of the first ideas I came up with when writing the pitch for the book. The beginning and the end of this story were always pretty much written in stone, it was the middle bit that was fluid, and grew and changed as I went along. So, for me it’s incredibly gratifying to finally get to the end of the journey with Gus and Jepperd. Everything I’ve done with the series so far, everything I’ve built month after month, has all been about this, the final story.

Lemire went on to say that the best is still ahead for him:

But don’t give up on me. I really feel the best is still to come. The final arc, THE WILD KINGDOM, will be full of everything you’ve loved about Sweet Tooth as well asmany new surprises, new characters and new revelations. And it all builds to one final double sized, fully painted final issue with #40 this December.

For DC proper, Lemire is currently writing a stellar run on Animal Man and just started on Justice League: Dark. Additionally, in August of this year, he has The Underwater Welder on the way from Top Shelf (which, if you ask this fella right here, is super-exciting stuff!).

Sweet Tooth is a sincere and beautiful comic experience, and if you haven't checked it out, you absolutely should.

There's not much else like it.

I'm gonna miss Gus.