Marvel's "The Avengers" Movie Round-up

Hulk want to see Avengers!

Update: MTV News' Josh Horowitz, MTV Splash Page's Josh Wigler, Next Movie's Breanne Heldman and MTV Geek's own Alex Zalben get "Psyched" for the Avengers in their round-table discussion!

We are so very very close to the release of what promises to be the biggest superhero flick ever - Marvel's The Avengers! I know some of you have have seen it already and I hate you for it, I truly do. But I'll have my shot tomorrow when the movie hits American multiplexes and hopefully blasts me through the back of the theater with Tony Stark's swagger, Captain America's patriotism, Thor's flowing golden locks, Hulk's hulking and Joss Whedon's quipping.

I'm jazzed, man.

So to celebrate both my own and the rest of the MTV Geek crew's enthusiasm for all things Avenger we've got a round-up of some of the coolest content coming out of MTV!

Let's start with who I believe is the true hero of the incredibly hero-filled extravaganza that is The Avengers: Clark Gregg, a.k.a. the multiple movie jumping Agent Coulson, as he counts down his top 5 Avengers moments with Next Movie!

Next, from MTV Splash Page, we've got the flick's main villain Tom Hiddleston (or Loki, the God of Mischief as I like to call him), talking, fittingly, about pranks!

Over at the MTV Movies Blog, the gang does a round-up of their own with a series of reviews in their ongoing "Watch It" column. Here's a taste from Christina Beale, MTV News producer:

As a long time Joss Whedon fan, "Avengers" was everything I was hoping for and more. Joss’ obvious love for the Marvel world meshed so well with his trademark wit and warmth that the resulting film turned out greater than the sum of its parts. He took on the Herculean task of balancing the screen time for, give or take, eight lead characters, and managed to make them each feel fleshed out and interesting. I was left wanting more, but never feeling unsatisfied. Here’s to hoping for a Whedon-helmed "Avengers 2."

And don't forget about MTV Geek's coverage of the plastic goodness that'll be cluttering shelves and toyboxes this summer!

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See ya at the movies!

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