"Avengers VS X-Men: War Journals": Marvel Writers and Execs Talk Issue 3!

AvX: Marvel Execs Talk 'Avengers vs. X-Men' #3

Get the inside scoop of AvX #3 -- out now -- with MTV Geek's "Avengers VS X-Men: War Journals" video series. In the clip above, Tom Breevort and Axel Alonso tells readers what they can expect in the third installment of the Marvel Comics event!

In this next clip, AvX writers Jason Aaron, Matt Fraction, and Brian Michael Bendis talks about issue #3's author Ed Brubaker. Fraction notes of Brubaker's work: "It's like Ed is purging it all -- all the darkness and paranoia and violence. All that stuff, he purges in his writing."

AvX: Marvel Writers and Execs Talk Ed Brubaker

Preview Avengers vs. X-Men #3 right here!

Avengers VS X-Men #3 is in stores now!

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