Hot Toys Teases Their Upcoming Hulk Figure from 'The Avengers'

Hot Toys has been crafting 1/6th scale action figures that seem like they could only be created through sorcery. Their uncanny Christopher Reeve Superman figure topped our Top Ten Toys List for all of 2011, and it looks like their shooting for that honor once again (seeing as how it's so prestigious) with this teaser image of their upcoming Hulk figure based on his look in "The Avengers" flick. While Dr. Banner's face is hidden from view, just look at how massive he is compared to their Iron Man! We're assuming he'll have an articulated armature beneath the skin, but so far Hot Toys are keeping things close to the vest.

From the Hot Toys Facebook page:

The Avengers has smashed box office records in all 39 markets just few days after its launch! We believe that many fans have been surprised by the superhuman creature Hulk in the movie! Here we are proud to present our making of his muscular body!

We'll report more on this figure as more photos and a release date are made available. For now, be sure to check out Hot Toys' Facebook page, and order some of their amazing figures through their American distributor Sideshow Collectibles!

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