Battle Arena Otaku Fight! Fight!: Only Two Remain!

This is MTV Geek's Battle Arena Otaku Fight! Fight! A tournament-style, knock-down, drag-out, free-for-all, battle royale featuring your favorite anime, manga and Japanese pop-culture characters! Each arena match-up will be posted and voted on by you, the MTV Geek reader, and each winner will advance closer and closer to becoming the supreme reigning champion of the Battle Arena Otaku! Who will take the top spot? There's only way to find out…FIGHT! FIGHT!

And so it's with a heavy heart we bid adieu to Ultraman and Rick Hunter. You did your best buddies, but you simply couldn't make it to the final round. That honor goes to Luffy D. Monkey and that venerable defender of the universe, Voltron, who've braved the last few weeks of competition, succeeding against teenaged ghost hunters, reptilian Tokyo smashers, samurai, Batmen, and bounty hunters. And it wasn't close, either: in both contests, two thirds of you chose the winners, handing the losers a decisive defeat. Don't worry, that doesn't mean we don't want you anymore Rick and Ultraman, we just don't want you in the Finals.

We actually thought the Rick/Luffy might be a bit closer. Rick was a pretty decisive victor in several of his contests with Luffy often the overwhelming favorite. We were actually surprised that Ultraman lasted as long as he did, given the relative lack of familiarity with the character stateside. Still, something appealed to you about the character, allowing him to beat both the Japanese version of Spider-Man along with the Fullmetal Alchemis himself, Edware Alric. But somehow, whatever spark was propelling him along this far seems to have given out, allowing him to be cleanly dispatched by Voltron.

Frankly, it's been the kind of competition where anything could happen between each round of voting, with nostalgia trumping the new hotness, the new hotness taking the lead again, favorite toys occasionally swooping in for the win, and classic television representing all the way to the final round. Looking at the list of competitors since this contest began, it's difficult to pick up a common thread among the winners beyond simple familiarity—you voted for what you knew and we respect that.

Starting TOMORROW, it's the final round: Luffy vs. Voltron in what's sure to be a real barn-burner of a match. Also: we say "barn-burner" now, so enjoy that.

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