Battle Arena Otaku Fight! Fight!: The Final Four!

This is MTV Geek's Battle Arena Otaku Fight! Fight! A tournament-style, knock-down, drag-out, free-for-all, battle royale featuring your favorite anime, manga and Japanese pop-culture characters! Each arena match-up will be posted and voted on by you, the MTV Geek reader, and each winner will advance closer and closer to becoming the supreme reigning champion of the Battle Arena Otaku! Who will take the top spot? There's only way to find out…FIGHT! FIGHT!

We're near the end, fight fans, with the final two matchups taking place between the four challengers that you chose. And it's an interesting mix: a pilot and a pirate, and two giants. What's that all about? While we're still crunching the numbers to understand this recent round of choices, analyzing the data and getting it out to top men in their field—top men, we say—we've still got these last two contests.

Ladies and gentlemen, YOUR FINAL FOUR!

Sorry, Moonies...your girl didn't make it! :(

Rick Hunter (Robotech) vs. Luffy (One Piece)

Voltron vs. Ultraman

Polls close May 8, 2012 at 11:59:59pm

How 'bout some analysis from our resident anime/manga experts, Charles Webb and Brigid Alverson?

Rick Hunter vs. Luffy

Charles: Time and again, you've chosen flyboy Rick Hunter—have you seen his jet, because it's also a robot—and Luffy, the hyper-flexible pirate from One Piece. Besides being guys (curiously, all of our final four are), these two characters couldn't be more dissimilar. Luffy is exuberant, inspiring, and sometimes a little dim, while Rick is introspective and a little wounded (emotionally) by the toll of a seemingly neverending conflict. So which will it be? Sensitivity or flexibility?

Brigid: It’s pilot vs. pirate in the penultimate round, and both have come through some amazing matchups already.  It’s a tough call, because Rick is the otaku’s favorite, but Luffy is still keeping it fresh, 60 volumes into his series. I’m giving this round to young and brash: Luffy D. Monkey for the win!

Voltron vs. Ultraman

Charles: This matchup is a little harder to write up because essentially, these are two characters who spend all of their time fighting giant monsters, defending things from things (the latter things are often awful, sometimes have lasers). While Voltron isn't technically a character so much as a robot that a bunch of characters pilot, the animated hero still serves the same function as his live-action counterpart, Ultraman. That someone hasn't found a way to get the two of them into a story where they punch and sword attack evil aliens all week is a miracle to us. Still, now you've got a choice to make here—between a robot made of lions, or a humanoid hero. Which one do you want defending your universe?

Brigid: Gotta give this one to Voltron—no matter how cool his powers are, Ultraman is no match for the mighty mech.

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