Make A Comic Book T-Shirt With Neil Gaiman and Threadless!

By Danica Davidson

If you like reading T-shirts as much as you like reading comics, you need to check out tees from Threadless. And if you want to help make a comic book T-shirt with Neil Gaiman, you need to check out this contest from Threadless.

The contest will end on May 4, so time is running out. Neil Gaiman has written a short script that will run front and back on a T-shirt, and the contest is to design the art for the shirt. How you design it is up to you — will it be full of word bubbles? Will you express more through drawings alone? When the contest is over, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund will pick its favorite. On top of that, 25% of the earnings from the winning T-shirt will go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund to help them continue their good work.

“Anyone can submit based on Neil Gaiman’s script,” said Warehouse Director Lance Curran. Speaking about how it typically works, he said, “What we do is find a comic writer to write a story across four T-shirts, front and back. And then we curate and they find different comic artists to do the artwork.”

Neil Gaiman isn’t the only big name attached to Threadless. There’s also Jeff Lemire, Ben Templesmith, Brandon Graham and others . . . maybe even your name!

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