The Top 10 Books To Snag On Free Comic Book Day

This weekend, it’s Comic Book Christmas. Or Halloween. Or some other holiday where you get free comics! Whatever you call it, it’s the day you head to your local comic book shop, and come away with something that costs no bucks: Free Comic Book Day, 2012. While some larger stores are able to give away every single book (like New York’s Midtown Comics), most limit you to one or two books, making this holiday more like the world’s nerdiest version of Sophie’s Choice. To help you out, here’s a list of the free books we’re looking forward to!

But a quick note before we get to this, and most of you may know this but: the books may be free for you, but the comic book stores pay good money for ‘em, then give them away as an advertisement. So sure, snag your free books, but be sure to grab something else to support your local retailer. Heck, this is the perfect opportunity to pick up that book you’ve been meaning to try, but never had the chance to before! Anyway, on to our picks:

1. DC Comics: The New 52

DC has traditionally offered reprints for FCBD, but not so this year… Instead, they’re going whole hog with a new Justice League story by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, plus previews of their second wave books. If there’s one “must pick up” this year, this is the book.

2. Archaia: Mouse Guard, Labyrinth, and More

If there’s two must pick-ups this year, you probably don’t want to miss Archaia’s offering, which has the most bang for your no bucks. It’s a 48 page hardcover, with new stories from the worlds of Mouse Guard, Cow Boy, and The Dapper Men. This book – to continue the addiction metaphor – is like free comic book crack. We can’t wait.

3. Image 20

Another preview book, but it’s a doozy with looks at upcoming series from Tim Seeley, Mike Allred, and more. Image has been on a roll lately, so this is a great chance to see what your next comic book addiction will be.

4. Dark Horse: Star Wars/Serenity

Dark Horse has two great offerings this year, but your store is more likely to have this flip-book with space-set tales from our two favorite SciFi universes, written by Zack Whedon. Additionally: Star Wars is SciFi, I don’t care if it’s set a long time ago, it’s in a galaxy far, far away. Eat it, Fantasy fans.

5. Red 5: Atomic Robo and Friends

It says this in the solicit text, but it’s true: Atomic Robo is the perfect comic to hand to new readers. In this issue, a robot teams up with a dinosaur, and that’s all you need to know.

6. Dark Horse: Buffy/The Guild

Hey, here’s that other Dark Horse offering! This one has brand new stories from Buffy and The Guild, but Andrew Chambliss (who is killing it on the series right now), and Guild creator Felicia Day. Ummm… Crossover?

7. DC Nation Super Family Flip Book

DC’s “for kids!” offering has a look at all their all-ages titles, including Young Justice and Green Lantern, but the real draw is the first look at Tiny Titans’ Art Baltazar and Franco taking on the Superman Family. We predict much adorbs.

8. Marvel: Spider-Man Season One

Marvel is taking a break from original stories this year to do reprints, but this one is still one we’re eagerly anticipating, as you can check out the first chapter of Cullen Bunn and Neil Edwards’ revamped take on Spidey, from a modern perspective, for free. In the spirit of the season and all.

9. Image: Witchblade: Unbalanced: Pieces

We may have put that last colon in there as a joke, it’s unclear. But you can check out a preview of this preview on this very site, so why not do that?

10. Oni: Yo Gabba Gabba Free Comic Book Time

Okay, fine, we’re most excited to pick this one up for our Toddler… But for adults, there’s stories from Mike Allred and more – and the collection that was released a while ago played more like Marvel’s Strange Tales, or DC’s Bizarro collections, than a kids show that might make you want to claw your eyes out. So pick it up for the kids, keep it for yourself.

Check your local store for a list of events and books available, but the whole thing kicks off on Saturday, May 5th, 2012!