Wizards of the Coast to Take D&D Players Back to the Original Dungeon

Later this year, Dungeons & Dragons board game fans will get a blast from the past: the original Dungeon! game is coming back into print with an all-new version.

The 1975 Dungeon! has already been revised twice before with 1989's The New Dungeon! and 1995's The Classic Dungeon, each of which offered improvements to the original. It's not clear what will make the cut in this new edition, but according to the game's Amazon.com product listing, it " incorporates several revisions made to the game in later editions, giving players the most fun experience possible."

Dungeon! is a quick 30-minute smash-and-grab mission to fill your inventory with treasure and make it to the exit alive. Each player selects a different class, each with its own unique powers and abilities. The dungeon's winding hallways are littered with chambers containing monsters and loot, but each space is clearly marked on a level scale of 1-6. The higher the levels pose greater challenges, but offer more rewarding loot in return.

Following up on the recent success of the D&D Adventures line of board games, which were all highly-detailed dungeon crawling experiences with re-configurable maps and numerous scenarios, Dungeon! represents an even greater push to draw in the casual player. You didn't have to be a D&D fan to get sucked into the D&D Adventure series, but looking at the low complexity of Dungeon! you won't even have to be a gamer to enjoy it.

Along with the re-publishing of classic 1st edition Dungeons & Dragons books, Dungeon! also seems to be an appeal to gamer nostalgia in advance of Wizard's move from D&D 4th Edition to a new version, D&D Next (working title). After all, D&D in the 70's was hack-and-slash dungeon crawling at its finest, and the iconic monsters do have a nostalgia value with the roleplaying set. The official product announcement is talking up Black Pudding and Owlbears right out of the gate!

Looking back to the different flavors of D&D board games, there is also a significant cost difference between the two:  Dungeon! will retail for a low $19.99, much less than the D&D Adventures $64.99 standard price. Dungeon! will hit store shelves on October 12th