Here Come The Men In Black, With 'Game of Thrones' Night's Watch Tees

We're a little shocked that this week's slew of new products from the HBO Store tying into Game of Thrones aren't all colored black - particularly as they're all Night's Watch themed - but hey, we'll take 'em:

Builder may not be the most glamourous job in the Night's Watch, but reconstructing the towers guarding Westeros - and more importantly, the giant blocks of ice that make the wall - is a necessary one.

This hoodie with the Night's Watch oath is way easier, and less dangerous than wandering into the Godswood on the other side of the Wall, amiright? I amright.

And then there's this shirt, playing off Samwell Gamgee Tarly's discovery that the number of times the Night's Watch toots their own horn corresponds to friends, danger, and dead (or rather, undead).

Next week, if there isn't a shirt that says, "You know nothing," on it, well, things have changed far more for the TV version of this show than we thought.