Review: Mattel's MOTUC Stinkor Reeks of Evil!

Toy Fair 2012: Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics

Mattel's online-exclusive Masters of the Universe Classics action figure line has been running strong for a few years now. Since it began, the list of fan-demanded characters has been on the decline as month after month a different childhood favorite has been made available. Well folks, May is gonna be another one of those times as Stinkor: Evil Master of Odors brings his stink-infused plastic into your collection, but not without his own cloud of gloved-controversy. Oh, you hadn't heard? We'll explain it a little farther down. As for the stink itself, the same patchouli smell used for the vintage figure, and by fun-loving, bath-fearing hippies everywhere has been once again infused with his plastic.

Read on for the full review of the smelliest Evil Warrior in all of Eternia!

As you can see, Stinkor comes wrapped in the musk-trapping package that we've seen from every single other figure in the MOTUC line. Stinkor is prominently displayed in the front of the blister card with a whole gaggle of his evil compatriots on the back However, the starburts on the front of the package has a semi-warning to the collector: "Product has real smell... it's fun!"

Real name: Odiphus

Originally a Pelezean thief named Odiphus, Stinkor was banished from his village after helping a great warlord named Prahvus destroy their defensive weapons. Wandering throughout Eternia, curiosity led him to Tri-Klops lab deep within Snake Mountain. There he caused an accident that infused his body with a horrid stench so powerful it drives away even Skeletor's Evil Warriors. After demonstrating how his stench power could be used as a weapon of warfare, Odiphus was recruited back to Snake Mountain and armed with a Power Vest Gas Mask created by Tri-Klops to funnel his stench directly at foes. Armed for combat and calling himself "Stinkor," Odiphus has the ability to stink and destroy with his odor of evil.

Stinkor's sculpt manages to do what the Classics line does best: harken back to the Masters of the Universe vintage style while freshening up the figure with modern articulation and aesthetics. Like the original figure, Stinkor is made up of a ton of parts that have been previously seen throughout the figure line. However, unlike the original figure, Stinkor re-uses the Beastman body this time around; which makes far more sense than having a fur-covered character be a slick and shiny. Also, Stinkor is sporting the Mekaneck armor, which in the vintage line was re-use but this time around, the skunk gets to use it first. Yay for hand-me-downs! Some of the other new parts includes the 200X-style head (more on that later), a piece that attaches around the neck to thicken up the look of the fur, and new forearms that feature fur and the fins seen on Skeletor-style gloves.

The elephant skunk in the room involves Stinkor's forearms. Like the shoulders of Roboto and King Hsss, Stinkor's forearms have been swapped to the wrong sides. The inept factory strikes again, right? Wrong! According to Mattel, the in-house design team made the decision to swap the forearms in order to add a little something different to Stinkor. The next question then becomes, "Why change up The Four Horsemen's original design?" That answer may be lost to the sands of time, but we're going with "temporary heat-induced insanity." Honestly though, while knowing they are swapped really aggravates the collector in us, the end result isn't nearly as noticeable as one would think. Hell, we found it far more obvious in the photo above that Stinkor has different color pins for his elbows and shoulders like Bandai's ThunderCats.

Stinkor doesn't have a ton of paint apps, but he's got em where it counts-- namely his white striped fur. Most of the figure has been molded in the appropriate colors of festive Halloween black and orange. The paint on our figure was very cleanly applied with only a small space at the bottom of his red belt not being completely covered. The eyes are properly yellow and the pupils on both heads are straight. As previously stated, the biggest paint app is the white stripe that runs across his back and arms. While it has been applied cleanly, without the armor, it is more visually weird to hav not brought the white stripe across the shoulders as well. also, the area of white on his back, beneath the neck addition, hasn't been applied as heavily, causing it to look gray since the black beneath is peeking through.

Stinkor has the familiar articulation model that we've come to know from the line thus far. He has a ball-joint head, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, swivel wrists, hinged torso, swivel waste, swivel/hinge hips, swivel thighs, hinged knees, swivel boot tops, and swivel/hinge "rocker" ankles. While the figure does seem to have softer arms and legs than normal, the articulation still works wonderfully.

Like Fisto, Stinkor comes with enough accessories to create both his vintage and 200X look to keep fans of either style happy. Along with both heads, Odiphus also has an interchangeable piece on the front of his armor, the vintage shield, gas tanks, gas mask (for the 200x head), and stink-shooting blaster. The weapons and accessories fit on the figure well although the addition of the gas mask keeps the 200x head from being able to turn from side to side. The weapons are all molded in the a bright blue that really sets off the character a little more. However, unlike most weaponry in the line, none of the blue accessories feature any extra paint apps. This would have been especially useful for the air tanks since seeing them in their current form causes the sculpting details to be lost a little bit.

Here's a shot of both heads that are included with Stinkor. The one on the left is the more modern look while the one on the right utilizes the vintage-style Mer-Man head just like the ol' days!

Stinkor may be infamous for his forearms, but still manages to a great action figure and addition to the Masters of the Universe Classics line thanks to the addition pieces for whatever look you prefer. If your house could use a little extra stench, then be sure to pick up Stinkor when he becomes available on the Matty Collector website on Tuesday, May 15th at noon eastern!

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