The Bloggers of Catan Give a Peek Behind the Game Design Curtain

The Settlers of Catan is synonymous with modern strategy board gaming. The title seems to continuously pop up as an ambassador for the hobby, whether it be for play by the characters of television's Big Bang Theory or for parody in an episode of 30 Rock.

But in the nearly 20 years since Catan hit store shelves, the name has established itself as a brand, encompassing numerous expansions, spin-off games, and even a novelization. None of these other products have received the same attention as regular old Catan, though. With a new series of behind-the-scenes blog entries planned, designer Klaus Teuber is hoping to draw more eyes to The Rivals for Catan [MTV Geek review], a 2-player-only card game take on The Settlers of Catan.

Since the release of a revised edition in late 2010, The Rivals for Catan has already received one expansion. In his new series of posts, Teuber aims to explain the entire process of adding fresh content to the card game. Since Rivals is a tournament-caliber game, Teuber's challenges will include a need to maintain balance, one of the more difficult aspects of game design.

The Rivals for Catan design posts can be found at, where content already stretches back several years to provide a detailed look at how the original version of Rivals was re-tooled for the 2010 release. Based on the level of detail with which Teuber spells out the history of Rivals in his earlier posts, the upcoming 16-part series should leave no stone unturned.

Game design geeks, set your calendars, as Teuber's posts will launch on a weekly basis leading up to release of the new and yet-unnamed Rivals expansion.