Fury MAX, Earth 2, and Teen Boat: New Comics For May 2nd

This weekend may be Free Comic Book Day, but that doesn’t mean the comics companies haven’t devised a nefarious way to get you to spend money: they’re releasing new comics this week. I KNOW! Here’s some of our top picks:

First off, we’re most curious about FURY MAX #1, which, in case it isn’t clear from the title, isn’t for the kiddies. The previous FURY MAX series by Garth Ennis was notoriously foul-mouthed, and reportedly led to the firing of then Marvel EIC Bill Jemas. We imagine this book won’t have quite the same effect, but hey, Ennis hasn’t stopped grossing us out for decades, lets hope he doesn’t stop now.

Also from Marvel? AVENGERS VS X-MEN #3, of course, which continues the intimate tale of two men and their super-powered armies. There’s also EXILED #1, kicking off a crossover between New Mutants and Journey Into Mystery; and DAREDEVIL #12, the first post-Omega Effect issue of the title.

Over at DC, it’s ANIMAL MAN #9 and SWAMP THING #9 week again, but we’re most fascinated by James Robinson and Nicola Scott’s EARTH 2 #1. We chatted with Robinson about the book a while ago, and if it isn’t as fun as he said, we’re going to find him and say, “It wasn’t as fun as you said. Sir.” We have no backbone.

Meanwhile, Image Comics leads with MIND THE GAP #1, a thriller about what happens when a ghost investigates her own murder (sort of). There’s also BULLETPROOF COFFIN: DISINTERRED #4, which wins the awards for most WTF moments in a single issue and we haven’t even read it yet; and SUPREME #64, finishing off Alan Moore’s final Supreme story.

Over at Dynamite, we’ve got THE SPIDER #1, which finds Mytsery Men’s David Liss in comfortable territory, bringing a street-wise vigilante into the modern era. There’s also THE BOYS #66, kicking off the final arc of the series; and VOLTRON: YEAR ONE #2, a surprisingly strong origin story with no lion robots in sight.

From IDW, we’re hankering for a little STAR TREK ONGOING #8, continuing the direct sequel to the most recent movie; and from BOOM!, SUPURBIA #3 has been a delightful riff on superhero domesticity.

If you’re looking for trades, though, two hilarious books take the cake: ROGER LANGRIDGE’S SNARKED, VOL. 01, which has more vaudeville per page than a vaudeville show; and TEEN BOAT, which has the tagline, “The angst of being a teen -- the thrill of being a boat!” and if that doesn’t sell you on it, we’re not friends anymore.

That’s it! We’ll see you next week, when comics are free all the time forever! That may not be true. The free thing, not the seeing you next week thing. We’ll see you next week.