The 5 Weirdest Avengers Plots - Ever!

With over five hundred issues, plus spin-offs and mini-series, you can’t expect every single Avengers story to be a gem. And while there are plenty of arguably bad stories, far more interesting are the ones that are just plain weird. Whether they worked or not are up for debate and opinion... But here are the five weirdest Avengers stories of all time.

5. Iron Man Goes Nuts And Kills Everyone, Then Turns Into a Teenager

Okay, we’ll contradict ourselves immediately: The Crossing, a multi-part crossover that preceded both Heroes Reborn (where a former hero went nuts and killed most of the Avengers) and Avengers: Disassembled (where a former hero went nuts and killed most of the Avengers), found Tony Stark - a former hero - going nuts, and killing most of The Avengers, and is widely considered one of the worst Avengers stories of all time. It isn’t just that he went inexplicably crazy that makes this story so strange... It’s that it kicks off with a character traveling back in time to warn everyone this will happen, only to be immediately killed before they can warn the team, and ended with Iron Man getting replaced by a teenage version of himself. Needlessly confusing and unmotivated, but also, luckily, collected in a purchasable Omnibus, so you can decide whether you’re going crazy while reading it for yourself.

4. Ultron Turns Iron Man Into A Lady

On the other hand, Brian Bendis’ kick-off arc for Mighty Avengers wasn’t a bad story (and had some boss art by Frank Cho). But it did start with evil robot Ultron enacting his master plan to rule the world by taking over Iron Man’s biological armor, and transforming both of them into... A naked, metal version of The Wasp. Who then proceeded to kick everyone’s butt. While naked. And a woman. We’re not crazy about the subtext that Ultron thinks he’ll be more successful at his villainous plots if he amps up his estrogen levels, but we do like that Tony Stark was forced to live out the most cracked out version of Tootsie ever.

3. The Hulk Pretends To Be a Robot Clown

After losing to the Avengers in their first comic ever, The Hulk decides to pretend to be a robotic clown juggling elephants, so no one will be able to track him down. That’s why the Hulk is the greatest strategist in the Marvel Universe.

2. Master Pandemonium Turns The Scarlet Witch’s Kids Into His Arms

No image alarmed or terrified us more as a child than villain Master Pandemonium turning the Scarlet Witch’s twin children into his arms. The demonic baddie wanted her kids because he thought they were the missing pieces of his soul (they weren’t, and in fact, they weren’t even real kids), but for a little while, MP ran around with twin baby arms that shot fire, and we literally never slept again.

1. Ms. Marvel Marries Her Own Son

What else could be number one on the list than the landmark Avengers #200? In it, Ms. Marvel is trapped and raped by a villain named Marcus, then promptly forgets about the event. She comes back from the Limbo he trapped her in pregnant, giving birth several hours later... To Marcus. Then she marries Marcus, and leaves with him “forever,” while the rest of the Avengers wish them the best of luck with their relationship... And an entire generation of readers become confused about how marriage works, exactly. Not like this. Not like this.