Review: We Begin Assembling The Classic Avengers with Kotobukiya's Captain America Fine Art Statue

Toy Fair 2012: Kotobukiya's Marvelous Marvel Statues

By this point, our excitement for "The Avengers" film is almost tangible. We'd like to think that if it could take physical shape, that it'd look a lot like the Captain America statue from Kotobukiya's Fine Art Classic Avengers line! Sure, this design comes from the Marvel Comics and not the more armored look of the movie-world, but this is how we prefer our Captain-- exposed ears and scale-plated shoulders! Join us as we take a closer look at this statue to see if it is indeed ready to lead our other collectibles into battle.

The statue comes packaged in the familiar classy white box with gold lettering that we've seen from previous Fine Art offerings. As you can see from the crushed upper corners of the box, UPS was about as careful with this package as they ever seem to be, but thankfully Kotobukiya packs their statues very securely and there was no damage to Cap.

The back of the box shows a full-color shot of the included Captain America statue, along with headshots of both the upcoming Iron Man and Thor statues in the Classic Avengers Series. What is missing from this box, is the large bio that is normally one of Kotobukiya's hallmarks. Of course, if you don't know Captain America's origin by now, you probably won't be laying down the cash for this high-end statue anyway.

As with their other Fine Art statues, the Captain America is limited to only 1500 pieces. While there is no certificate of authenticity included in the box, the serial number has been hand written on the top along with a matching one on the statue's base.

Speaking of the base, Captain America comes in a number of separate pieces but is easily assembled. His base, body, right forearm, and both heads are all individually wrapped and placed within the cut Styrofoam. Simply slip the metal rods into the recesses in the arm and base and you'll have yourself a super soldier!

The heads are held in place by hidden magnets to give them a little extra insurance in staying on tightly without the evasiveness of repeatedly changing them out using the metal rods. This saves on wear-n-tear and thankfully doesn't leave any noticeable gap since Cap's seam line "masks" the  connection.

Beautiful, right? Eric Sosa once again knocks out an amazing piece of sculpture with this Captain America. Eric has sculpted all of the Fine Art pieces we've reviewed to date and seems to be Kotobukiya's go-to guy when they want an amazing superhero that looks larger than life. From the wings on his mask to his buccaneer boots, Steve rogers looks the way he did for most of his comic-based life. The belt even sticks out from the costume like the stiff leather would do and adds a touch of realism to the figure. One thing we noticed right off was that the scale-plating along cap's shoulders and chest has been downplayed quite a bit with only a slight texturing being seen in small areas throughout that part of the costume. The scaling that is there looks fantastic and while we're sure the sculptor had a specific vision for the costume, we'd have liked to have seen the scale pattern covering the entirety of that area.  Of course, that same sentiment goes out to the artist who draw captain America on a regular basis as well, even though we bet it's time-consuming beyond belief.

The paintwork on the Captain America statue utilizes darker tones to Cap's primary color-scheme in order to make the statue not look as ridiculous as brightly colored costumes often do. The basic colors are reserved for his shield face, his white star on the chest, and his familiar forehead-displayed "A". Everything else sees airbrushed highlights and shading to better bring out the details in the sculpt. This is especially evident in the white areas of the suit which benefit from some added gray, showing off Steve's ripped abs and biceps. Checking the paint over, there doesn't seem to be any slop on the statue; but, that quality is to be expected in a collectible such as this. Having paint drip or a fuzzy line might be forgivable on a mass market action figure, but in this case-- not so much.

The unmasked head matches up with the masked one when it comes to detail, and while that is the expected thing, that tight-lipped scowl doesn't work quite as well for us without the cowl. Still, Kotobukiya pulled off a head that perfectly matches the masked one. He just happens to look like he's just had Spider-Man interrupt one of his briefings with a fart joke.

Over the years, there have been numerous statues featuring not only Captain America, but his entire Avengers roster. While we found a couple of nitpicks here and there, we can't deny that this Fine Art version is an incredible representation of Cap that even non-comic fans can enjoy.

For more on Captain America and all of the other Classic Avengers statues Kotobukiya is "assembling", be sure to check out their official website!

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