Diamond Select Toys Scares Up More Universal Monsters for Halloween

Toy Fair 2012: Diamond Select Scares Up Some Monsters

Halloween has been synonymous with "candy", but Diamond Select Toys is looking to change that to "toys" with the third series of their Universal Monsters figures! This go-around, we'll be seeing the resurrections of the Phantom of the Opera, The invisible Man, and the Metaluna Mutant whose design is still one of our favorites in the history of cinema! Our favorite part? The Phantom comes packaged with his organ, so now all of our figures can awkwardly take turns at the keys whenever we play "Awkward Family Gathering". Yay!

There are a lot of traditions that happen every Halloween, but Diamond Select Toys has created a new one -- 7-inch Universal Monsters action figures! DST has put out two series of Universal Monsters 7-inch figures in the past two years, and this year will see that tradition continue with five new figures due out this September!

At comic shops and specialty stores, horror fans will be able to pick up a highly detailed Metaluna Mutant from 1955's This Island Earth. With his bulging brain and claws, he conveys all the menace of the movie creature, and he even comes with the Interocitor, the device that allows humans to contact the Metalunans. Alongside the Metaluna Mutant will be the Phantom from Phantom of the Opera (1925), complete with his full-sized organ, which he plays in the catacombs of the opera house. Both will be available in oversized Select display packaging, with side panel art perfect for storing on a shelf.

Toys "R" Us will get their own exclusive figure in the Invisible Man, from the 1933 film of the same name. Jack Griffin is depicted with his goggles and false nose, and comes with a small display base. Toys "R" Us will also get a variation on the Phantom, one that wears a coat and mask, and comes with a violin and music stand instead of the organ. There will also be a more basic version of the Mutant at Toys "R" Us, minus the Interocitor. All of these figures will come in smaller blister-card packaging.

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