Win Joffrey's Crown From 'Game of Thrones'

What’s the one thing everyone wants in HBO’s hit Game of Thrones? Sex with their sister, of course, but also, the crown of Westeros – and along with it, a seat on the Iron Throne. Well, here’s your chance to snag the hat right off King Joff’s head, as HBO is holding a contest to win an authentic reproduction of the crown used on the show.

In fact, you have two chances to win: the 1st prize is Joffrey’s crown, but the Grand Prize is Robert Baratheon’s crown from the first season of the show. Here’s the description of each (which are made by Michele Clapton, the Costume Designer for the show):

Robert Baratheon’s Crown:

Robert’s crown is heavy gold and that of a true ruling King, it features a series of antler shapes sweeping around a circlet which is engraved with the same image.

Joffrey Baratheon’s Crown:

Joffrey’s crown is finer and made of a yellow gold and is burnished. It is intricate and is obviously influences by Cersei’s crown. He wears it in a totally impractical way tilted far forward on his head. He is a teenager and thinks it looks cool!

For a chance to win one of these crowns all you have to do is give HBO your e-mail address, which I’m sure they’ll only use to send you an e-mail whenever Veep is on, or something.

Side-note: If I won one of these crowns, I think I’d probably spend all day, every day just humming the GoT theme song while slowly rotating the crown in front of a candle. Just my two cents.