C2E2 2012: Eric Powell Takes 'The Goon' Monthly For Dark Horse

Are you a fan of Eric Powell's comedy/horror series The Goon? Then good news: Starting with July's issue #40, the title will be going monthly, with all new issues hitting comic book stands for as long as Powell can keep drawing 'em. We checked in with the creator at C2E2, and he told us that, "A lot of the fans are focusing on the trades and collections, and on a bi-monthly schedule we're only producing one a year."

C2E2 2012: Eric Powell Takes 'Goon' Monthly

Powell also talked to us about how the series would still stick to the self-contained, done-in-one tales he's been working with for the past few issues, even if there is an over-arching story for the series. That's great news, particularly considering the last few issues have been flawlessly superb (including the superhero skewering issue that just hit comic stands this week).

Though he doesn't touch on it in the video, Powell has been dealing with some big themes recently, from the Occupy Wall Street movement, to how the people who raise us affect our lives, to, er, Twilight. But each issue, Powell hasn't lost track of the main character, the horror, or more importantly, the humor. If we can get all of that on a monthly basis? Awesome.

Read a preview of The Goon #39, and get it on stands now from Dark Horse Comics.