'Tank Girl' Coming to Comixology and iVerse

Now you can get Jamie Hewlett and Alan Grant's patented brand of cussing, violence, misanthropy, and occasional rudeness on your digital comics reading thing.

The original Tank Girl stories are coming to the iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android devices, and the web as 14 issues via the comiXology and the iVerse apps. The first five issues are available now with more on the way in the coming weeks. In addition to those early stories, Martin & Rufus Dayglo’s Bad Moon Rising is getting serialized digitally, featuring the breakup of Tank and her longtime boyfriend, mutant kangaroo Booga. The Tank Girl comics will be released by Titan Comics.

Tank Girl was created by Gorillaz guys Hewlett and Grant nearly 25 years ago, making her debut in Deadline. She's best remembered though for anything but the terrible Lori Petty/Naomi Watts movie from New Line back in the 90's, which is all kinds of terrible butt. You can quote me on that: "all kinds of terrible butt."