AVX: Versus, L'il Depressed Boy, and BPRD: New Comics For April 25th

Get a look at some of the coolest comics, hitting shelves this week!

Sure we’re a little obsessed with Marvel’s currently running Avengers vs. X-Men here at MTV Geek, but this week brings what this writer at least considers the main event: AVX: VERSUS #1, which takes the fights glossed over in the series, and fleshes them out into eleven full pages of non-stop pummeling. This is the equivalent of saying, “I just read Playboy for the articles,” and then Playboy publishing another magazine that’s just nude pictorials, and then your petty morals falling by the wayside. That metaphor almost works, you guys!

That’s not the only title from Marvel, though. There’s also DAREDEVIL #11, finishing up the superb Omega Effect crossover with Spider-Man and the Punisher; FF #17, where the Human Torch moves in with Spider-Man for maximum hijinx*; and THE TWELVE #12, which finally wraps up J. Michael Straczynski and Chris Weston’s tale of time-lost heroes.

Over at DC Comics, the week is led by AQUAMAN #8 and THE FLASH #8, two titles that greatly benefited from the New 52 reboot, and both found ways of reinvigorating their title characters by getting back to what was interesting and simple about them in the first place.

Meanwhile, Dark Horse has new issues of three of our favorite titles this week, with ANGEL & FAITH #9 finishing the strongest arc of the book yet; THE GOON #39 viciously skewering superhero comics; and BPRD: HELL ON EARTH: THE PICKENS COUNTY HORROR #2 proving that sometimes, titles can be very, very long.

Over at Image Comics, we’re pretty excited for L’IL DEPRESSED BOY #10, guest starring Community’s Donald Glover in his Childish Gambino alter ego; while IDW has the surprisingly fun DANGER GIRL: REVOLVER #4, and POPEYE #1 by the always reliable Roger Langridge.

We’ll see you next week for more comics!

* NOTE: Marvel needs to do a crossover called Maximum Hijinx, stat.

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