Black Butler in the Starry Sky: New Manga for the Week of April 25

This week brings an interesting batch of new manga, with a handful of genre titles and some oddball things as well.

Sebastian Michaelis is no oddball, though, and this week kicks off vol. 9 of Black Butler, a clear fan favorite. Sebastian can kick ass, fix a mean tea tray, and stay at the top of the New York Times best-seller list, looking good all the while. Speaking of looking good, Sebastian's publisher Yen also has vol. 3 of The Betrayal Knows My Name on deck, with two beautiful young men and lots of deliciously angsty drama. For something completely different, check out vol. 2 of Durarara, the tale of an ordinary high school student who gets caught up in the madness that is Ikebukuro. Featuring a quirky cast of characters in a real-life setting, this series has lots of potential--and there's an anime of it as well.

GTO fans get a treat this week with vol. 12 of GTO: The Early Years. Vertical is picking up the series in the middle—the earlier volumes were published by Tokyopop—so if you're a bit disoriented, they have a handy guide on their website. This series follows Onizuka in his biker days, before he became a teacher, but he has the same oversize personality as in the later stories.

Dark Horse brings us vol. 41 of Oh My Goddess! This volume features a Norse frost giant, Thrym, a "buffed-out demoness" who gets in Keichi and Belldandy's way, forcing Belldandy to stoop to hand-to-hand combat. This sounds like something a little different, which is actually sort of remarkable given how long this series has been running.

Digital lines up what sounds like the shoujo-est shonen manga ever, vol. 1 of Starry Sky. Here's the blurb:

College student Tsukiko Yahisa is studying astonomy when a solitary e-mail brings memories of the good old days at Seigatsu Academy back into focus. Her mind wanders back to the scattered friends she made that spring, summer, fall and winter, and she finds herself longing for Yoh, Tsubasa, Ryunosuke and the others once again.

It's based on a game in which the female protagonist is friends with 12 different guys, all of whom have personalities based on the signs of the zodiac.

Kodansha has two new volumes and two omnibus volumes for us. Ken Akamatsu's Negima! just wrapped up in Japan at 37 volumes (although word is the ending was a bit abrupt), so this week's vol. 34 brings us closer to the conclusion. Kodansha also has vol. 5 of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and the two omnibuses are vol. 3 of Love Hina and vol. 3 of Tokyo Mew Mew.

And finally, the digital manga site JManga has good news for fans of old-school Tokyopop manga: They are bringing back some of the older series in digital form, with the first volumes of Tactics, Your and My Secret, Good Witch of the West, and Animal Academy going up later this week.