Play Scrabble With Peter Dinklage, John Hodgman And More - For Charity!

If you live anywhere near an 826 - a non-profit that supports writing and creativity for kids - you know how superb and ridiculous their events are. Well, 826NYC will trump themselves this weekend, as you can play Scrabble for Cheaters against Game of Thrones' Peter Dinklage, The Daily Show's John Hodgman, and more.

Wait, Scrabble for Cheaters? Here's how it works: you sign up in teams of two, and raise money to pay for "cheat" blocks, like "Invent a Word," "Buy A Vowel," and "Create A Blank." You can then use them throughout the competition, to take down the celebs, who also include Jonathan Marc Sherman, and Michael Showalter. Best of all? All money raised goes directly to help out the free programs offered to New York City public school students by 826NYC.

The event is being held tomorrow at Noon, at 826NYC in Park Slope, Brooklyn - you can check out more info here: And remember: in the game of Scrabble for Cheaters, you win... Or you die.

You don't actually die, though.

Seriously, though, if you end up playing against Peter Dinklage, and don't ask him if he'd like to hear a riddle, we don't even know you anymore.

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