Battle Arena Otaku Fight! Fight!: Voltron vs. Himura Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin), Godzilla vs. Kagome (Inuyasha)

This is MTV Geek's Battle Arena Otaku Fight! Fight! A tournament-style, knock-down, drag-out, free-for-all, battle royale featuring your favorite anime, manga and Japanese pop-culture characters! Each arena match-up will be posted and voted on by you, the MTV Geek reader, and each winner will advance closer and closer to becoming the supreme reigning champion of the Battle Arena Otaku! Who will take the top spot? Sailor Moon? Godzilla? Hello Kitty? There's only way to find out…FIGHT! FIGHT!

Can we really see a wandering samurai take down a giant defender of the universe? Stranger things have happened in this tournament, but it's hard to imagine Voltron going down this round as the mechanized hero is pitted against Rurouni Kenshin hero Himura Kenshin. Does samurai trump robot in the eternal battle for cool? Well, that's really for you to decide, voters.

In another battle between a titan and a tiny person, we've got Godzilla facing off against Kigome from InuYasha. Now, it would be easy to call this one in favor of the scaly terror from the depths of the Pacific, and Kigome is only armed with her bow and arrow, you can't count out the human factor here. She might not be the smartest or the coolest girl, but Kigome's very humanity is the reason why we watch her spar with her kind-of sort-of boyfriend, InuYasha.

Still, name one city she's decimated lately? Plus, can she withstand (and become more powerful from) nuclear testing? We're guessing not, but that doesn't make her any less of a contender here.

This poll closes at 11:59:59pm on April 25, 2012!

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