C2E2 2012: John Barrowman On Returning To Doctor Who, Taking Over For Matt Smith, And A Doctor Who Stage Musical!

Yesterday, we brought you news that John Barrowman would love to come back to Torchwood, which sure, isn’t too much of a surprise – we’d like that too. But today, we’re bringing you Captain Jack himself talking about how – and why – he should return to the show that made him famous, Doctor Who.

First up, we talked to Barrowman about the possibility of him meeting up with the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith – as well as his thoughts about returning to the show for 2013’s 50th Anniversary. Barrowman said that, “It would be a shame if Captain Jack wasn’t involved in the 50th Anniversary,” and challenged the fans to make it happen:

C2E2 2012: Will Barrowman Meet Matt Smith?

Next, we brought up a Top Ten list we had done on this very site, suggesting that maybe he could take over for Matt Smith as the Twelfth Doctor. After thanking his “geek family,” Barrowman actually had a theory how it all could work:

C2E2 2012: John Barrowman As Doctor Who?

Last, we asked the question fans everywhere want to know the answer to: what’s with all the Doctor Who song clips that have been leaking out lately? “A lot of people blame me for all the singing on the set of Doctor Who and Torchwood,” said Barrowman. “And you know what? Blame away.” Not only that, but Barrowman thinks there’s a good possibility they could put together a full fledged Doctor Who musical… On stage:

C2E2 2012: John Barrowman On A 'Doctor Who' Musical

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