How To Spend $1 Million, Geek Style!

Rich Burlew millionaireIf you've been keeping tabs on the comic book scene over at fundraising site Kickstarter then you may have noticed a sharp uptick in the number of comic projects lately.  Last year, the all-girl rock band comic anthology, “Womanthology”, raised an astounding $109, 301.  But wizards and trolls are not ones to just roll over and be outdone.  So this past February, Rich Burlew’s D&D webcomic spoof “Order of the Stick” made a go of it with a modest goal of just over $57k and ended up raising over $1.2 million.  Yes, you read that right, $1.2 MILLION.

Now you might think “HOLY $#!T, I need to get my project on Kickstarter!” And you’d be right to think that, comic projects have been getting fully funded left and right.  Then you might think “what the #^@% would I spend all that money on, since I don’t need anywhere near that to make a comic book.”  And again, you’d be right.

We’re not sure how much thought Rich has put into how to spend his newfound wealth, but if you're reading this Rich, here are a few humble suggestions, aside from, you know, giving it all to us.

Rich Burlew Kickstarter