C2E2 2012: More Torchwood For John Barrowman? "I'd Be Back At The Drop Of A Hat!" (video)

 This past weekend in Chicago at C2E2 2012, we had the pleasure of chatting with Captain Jack Harkness himself, John Barrowman. The star of Torchwood and Doctor Who gamely showed up at ten in the morning on a Sunday, and still brought his boundless energy and enthusiasm out to talk about why he thinks there should be another series of Torchwood, where he thinks it should go… And why there will, in fact, be a follow-up to last year’s “Miracle Day” mini-series.

First up, we chatted about whether he would want to don Captain Jack’s coat again (though honestly, who wouldn’t?) We’ve heard that Eve Myles – who co-stars in the series as Gwen Cooper – would be interested, but here’s the official word from Barrowman:

C2E2 2012: John Barrowman Talks Captain Jack and More 'Torchwood'

Next up, we talked about his surprisingly prolific writing career with his sister Carole. They have a new young adult novel called “Hollow Earth” that was just released in the UK, but we got the scoop on what to expect from the book in the US. Even more exciting for Torchwood fans? Barrowman and Barrowman are writing a novel right now that picks up where Miracle Day left off, and according to John, the first chapter is a doozy:

C2E2 2012: John Barrowman's 'Hollow Earth'

As a bonus for you guys, we asked Barrowman if he could play any comic book character in a movie, who would it be? Given that the actor was spotted all over C2E2 wearing a Captain America shirt, we figured saying Steve Rogers would be the easy answer, so we threw in a twist: which hero would Barrowman play that hasn’t been already claimed on screen? So Barrowman threw a twist right back at us: he doesn’t want to play a hero at all:

C2E2 2012: John Barrowman...Supervillain?

We chatted about plenty more with Barrowman, including why he thinks Captain Jack may just show up on Doctor Who’s upcoming 50th Anniversary season, so stay tuned for that tomorrow!

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