It's The Archie Gang As You've Never Seen Them Before: Gender-Swap In August

With the huge popularity of such gender-swapped characters as Adventure Time's Fionna and Prince Gumball, it was only a matter of time for the Archie gang to follow suit. August sees Riverdale turn into "Reversedale" as Archie, Betty, and Veronica gets to see how the other half lives thanks to Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Here's Archina, Ronnie, and Billy: 

Yes, that's the sound of thousands of fingers loading this image into Tumblr.

Here's the issue info:


“The Great Switcheroo” – Growing up as a teenage boy can rough! But not more so than a teen girl, right? Upon overhearing the guys and gals of Riverdale grumbling over how the other half has it easier, Sabrina’s mischievous cat Salem turns the town upside down when he dishes out the ultimate genetic makeover! Chaos ensues as the teens discover it’s not as easy to walk in each other’s shoes (or heels!) as they originally thought, so it’s up to Sabrina to set things right! Will Salem’s spell wear off, thus giving the gang a new appreciation for who they are, or will the switch up become permanent? Find out in this off-the-wall issue guest-starring Sabrina the Teenage Witch!

Script: Tania del Rio

Art: Gisele, Rich Koslowski

Covers: Gisele

So is there really a possibility that the gang may "stick" like this forever? Only if the sales are good!

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