C2E2 2012: Avengers Vs. X-Men Panel Brings The Fight To Chicago

So it’s come down to this: Avengers vs. X-Men vs. Chicago. The AvX panel at C2E2 2012 played to a packed crowd of fans eager to here what’s next with Marvel’s big event of the year, and to - of course - weigh in on who they think will win the comic book fight of the century. On the panel? Joe Quesada (CCO, Marvel), Axel Alonso (EIC), writer Jason Aaron (one of the architects behind AvX, and the guy who wrote the second issue), writer Rick Remender, and Talent Director C.B. Cebulski. They were joined halfway through the panel by artist Frank Cho... It was all moderated by Marvel’s Arune Singh, as per usual.

Singh kicked things off by asking who was with Avengers, and who was with X-Men, with Quesada joking that if you’re for the X-Men, “You’re not allowed to see the Avengers movie.” Then he welcomed a costumed Scarlet Spider, and a costumed Wolverine up on stage to read AvX: Versus #1, before getting into it. (Oh, and he gave a little plug for MTV Geek’s War Journals series, so that was nice... Looks like our intense glaring at the stage paid off).

First, the news, and a little bit of recap:

- Jason Aaron, on AVX #0: “The premise is, of course, a bunch of guys kicking each other in the face, but we wanted characters in that. The focus is, of course, on Scarlet Witch and Hope.”

- On AvX #3, Singh said: “This will be one of the most memorable issues you read all year. From the first page, to the last page, it’s Captain America versus Wolverine.”

-On AvX #5: “If you don’t read it the day it comes out, someone is going to spoil it for you.”

- AvX will be appearing on a “very popular ABC primetime series, and then again later in the month.” News on what show will be hitting Marvel.com later this month.

- Showing off the cover to issue #7, Aaron said, “It’s going to go in a direction you don’t expect... It’s going to go some weird places you wouldn’t think would be in a Summer popcorn movie.”

- Plugging Versus, Singh said that Marvel likes to say it’s, “Zero percent story, one hundred percent action.” Alonso added, “This is comic book porn. There’s no substance to this.”

- Remender chatted about his tie-in arc on Secret Avengers, which begins with issue #25: “Mar-Vell, and the Kree, and the Kree homeworld play into this. If you like me molesting all the great work Jim Starlin did... There’s going to be Thor fighting Captain Marvel, which is cool.”

- Aaron then talked about his Wolverine and The X-Men tying in, which starts with issue #12: “There’s a lot of connective tissue there, of course. The first tie-in in issue, we see Logan’s long dark night of the soul. Even though he’s been an Avenger, and hates Cyclops, it’s not easy for him to pop his claws and face his family.”

- Marvel AR will be sticking with just Avengers vs. X-Men at the moment, though the publisher may be trying the augmented reality app in other titles. There will be a moment set up for AvX: Versus #3 suggested by X-Men Editor Nick Lowe that’s unique and exciting, according to Singh.

Then, after showing an episode of Marvel’s “Super Heroes: What The?!?” series poking fun of AvX, it was time for audience questions. Here’s a few choice questions:

- Will Infinite Comics ever head to print? Quesada said yes, but the goal is to aim for digital first. Stuart Immonen - artist for the first “issue” - planned for both digital and print. Alonso added that it was very likely that we’d see the Infinite Comics in the collected editions of AvX.

- Asked by a fan whether Doctor Strange shows up in AvX, Aaron said that he shows up in issue two, “And who he ends up fighting is off the hook,” said Alonso.

- Will we see Wanda’s children in AvX? The panel stayed mum, but Singh teased an announcement about the Young Avengers (at least one of them) at today’s Cup O’ Joe battle.

- What about Cable showing up in AvX? “That’s a spoiler, but we love Cable. He’s got a big role in the Marvel Universe, but whether he appears in AvX, I can’t tell you.”

- Asked about bringing Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited to the iPad or iPhone, Singh said the team is working on it - but there’s legal and technical issues that make it more difficult than you might imagine. They want to wait until you can have a really great experience through tablets and phones, rather than releasing before it’s ready.

- What kind of steps are the writers taking to make sure one side of AvX isn’t seen as “bad” at the end? Aaron: “AvX certainly has winners and losers, but that’s doesn’t mean you have to alienate the fans of those two groups. I think the X-Men fans will side with them throughout the event, and same with the Avengers.”

- Asked about Noh-Varr in AvX, Remender stated that Noh-Varr, Ms. Marvel, and more will be very involved in AvX.

- Wolverine and The X-Men will deal with Rachel Summers’ connection to the Phoenix.

...And that was it! Avengers vs. X-Men #2 hits stands this Wednesday, April 18th. And you can, of course, check out our exclusive video series “Avengers vs. X-Men: War Journals,” with behind the scenes footage showing how the event came together. We’ll see you back here for more from C2E2!

Ep. 1, Avengers VS X-Men: War Journals | Ep. 1 | The Battle Begins

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