Bendis Speaks "Spider-Men": When Peter Meets Miles (Video)

Brian Michael Bendis Talks 'Spider-Men'

It's a universes-spanning, unprecedented event: Marvel has finally confirmed today that their Spider-Men miniseries, which launches on June, will feature Peter Parker meeting Miles Morales. The Parker version of Spider-Man will find himself in the Ultimate Universe, where he's dead, and Morales has taken on the mantle of the web-slinger.

Spider-Men scribe Brian Michael Bendis talked to us in this video interview about the titanic meeting of the Webheads:

"We're very very excited about this, because for years people were like, 'Ultimate Peter Parker should meet regular Peter Parker.' And we thought about it...but there's really no story there. Like, 'hey, you're vaguely younger than me and dating MJ too!'"

But Bendis explained that with the Ultimate Parker dead and Morales now in the mix, the crossover suddenly made a lot more sense:

"Miles gets to meet Peter...he never got to meet Peter. And even though it's not the same's Peter! And they get to have this amazing bonding situation."

Spider-Men kicks off Spidey's 50th anniversary, and Marvel EIC Axel Alonso promises more exciting tributes to come: "Peter Parker and Miles Morales are two of our most popular characters and fans have been clamoring for them to meet—we’ve got quite a few surprises in store for both characters. This is only the beginning of how we’re celebrating Spider-Man’s spectacular 50th Anniversary."

Spider-Men #1, by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara PIchelli, hits stores in June.

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