Battle Arena Otaku Fight! Fight!: Vash the Stampede vs. Captain Harlock

This is MTV Geek's Battle Arena Otaku Fight! Fight! A tournament-style, knock-down, drag-out, free-for-all, battle royale featuring your favorite anime, manga and Japanese pop-culture characters! Each arena match-up will be posted and voted on by you, the MTV Geek reader, and each winner will advance closer and closer to becoming the supreme reigning champion of the Battle Arena Otaku! Who will take the top spot? Sailor Moon? Godzilla? Hello Kitty? There's only way to find out…FIGHT! FIGHT!

The thing about the contest between Astro Boy and Trigun's Vash the Stampede: Vash probably didn't want to win as confrontation and competition aren't really his thing. Still, with your votes he took it home along with tastefully-scarred space pirate Captain Harlock, who defeated Gatchaman's Joe Asakura.

Will the pirate steal this one right out from under Vash? Or will love and peace win out again? Are you prepared to cast a vote for space privateering and against red trench coats? Or perhaps on the other side of it, are you willing to vote in a cybernetic peacnik and wanted criminal against, uh, another wanted criminal?

This one can't be easy but it's up to you to decide!

<a href="" mce_href="">Vash the Stampede (Trigun) vs. Captain Harlock</a>

This poll closes at 11:59:59pm on April 17, 2012!

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