What's New With Doctor Who: NYC Filming, Firefly Hat, and Game of Thrones?

Welcome to our time-traveling, space-warping round up of all the news we could find about the world’s most popular Timelord, Doctor Who. And there’s a ton of news to get through because, remember: this article is bigger on the inside.

ITEM! Doctor Who Nabs Hugo Noms

As we reported earlier this week, Doctor Who dominated the "Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form" category of the Hugo Awards, snagging three out of the five nominations. The episodes in question were, "The Doctor's Wife," "The Girl Who Waited," and "A Good Man Goes To War," clearly indicating that future Who writers should indicate whether there's a woman or a man in the episode in the title, if they want to get a Hugo Nom.

ITEM! Is The Cast Coming To NYC?

There's been rumors - and possible spoiler warning here - that the cast and crew of Doctor Who would be filming in New York City in the next few weeks. In fact, the rumor is that this will be the final Amy/Rory episode, featuring the Weeping Angels... And that a certain gigantic statue that represents something having to do with liberty may be a Weeping Angel herself. And though this isn't confirmation by any means, the usually reliable "On Location Vacations" has news of the cast being in Manhattan right now. Not since the Muppets came here have we been so excited. [NOTE: The photo is from Karen Gillan's BBC movie, "We'll Take Manhattan," not a still from the show. We could have used one from "Daleks in Manhattan," but A) that would have been more confusing, and B) that episode sucked.]

STARK-PANION! Game of Thrones Meets Doctor Who

In their never-ending quest to capture all the hot keywords, new Doctor Who companion Jenna Louise-Coleman was spotted on a red carpet, holding hands with Game of Thrones' Robb Stark, Richard Madden. They're one Jon Hamm away from a hat-trick.

GORRAM! Firefly/Doctor Who Hat

Wait, now we've got all the keywords. Someone made a Firefly Jayne hat, but with the colors of the Fourth Doctor's scarf. If Richard Madden had been wearing this in the above picture, the Internet would have permanently shut down, just on principle.

WANT! Dalek Lego Construction Set

Good thing we're not too old for toys, right? This Lego construction set features a Dalek factory, two Daleks, and... You already bought it based on the headline, didn't you?

MYTH! Grant Imahara, In The TARDIS, With a Puppy

Mythbuster Grant Imahara is standing in front of the TARDIS, dressed as the Tenth Doctor, with a tiny puppy. We're assuming the puppy is his companion, but also hoping he's finally disproving the myth that Timelords can't regenerate as dogs.

GAMELORD! Doctor Who RPG Makes Us Sad It's Not Real

We'll leave you with this video from CollegeHumor, which turns the past few seasons of Who into an 8-bit RPG. If this existed, we might finally break down and get a Sega Genesis:

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