Batman and Robin, America's Got Powers, and Courtney Crumrin: New Comics for April 11th

Okay, quick story time: when I was about nine, I had a chance to visit the Marvel offices, which was great and all. But at the end of the tour, an Editor let me take as many graphic novels as I wanted from a box in his office. One of the books I grabbed was a Spider-Man OGN called “Hooky,” which is being reprinted this week as AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: HOOKY #1. And it may be the nostalgia talking, but if you have a chance to snag it, do. The story plays out like a fable, with Spider-Man sucked into a world where a young girl has to fight an increasingly terrifying monster, with no real spider-powers available to him. It’s a great story, with gorgeous art by Berni Wrightson, and might be the best thing coming out this week.

That’s not the only title coming out from Marvel, of course. There’s also MARVEL UNIVERSE: AVENGERS: EARTHS MIGHTIEST HEROES #1, an adaptation of the Disney XD cartoon – and the first of Marvel’s new wave of All-Ages titles. On the other end, you’ve got CARNAGE USA #5, an excellently twisted mini-series from writer Zeb Wells that concludes this week. And in DEADPOOL #53, we finally find out whether Deadpool will, in fact, die. Hint: probably sort of but not exactly.

Over at DC, we’re most curious about BATMAN AND ROBIN #8, after the intense, over the top action of the previous issue… Will Damian Wayne be able to come back from sticking his hand through a man’s face? We’ll just have to read and see.

THE SHADE #7 also hits, and that series has been rock solid so far, with the promise of some big events this issue. And speaking of big events, BATGIRL #8 flashes back to The Killing Joke, and starts to fill in some of the gaps in the New 52’s revised history. Oh, and THE UNWRITTEN #36 picks up where the last issue left off, which was destroying the entire premise of the series. So we’re pretty curious about that one.

Image leads the week with a bevy of new releases, including the not to be missed SAGA #2. We reviewed an advance copy of the book, and fans of the first issue (which should be any human being reading these words right now) will not be disappointed in the second issue.

Image also releases AMERICAS GOT POWERS #1 from Jonathan Ross and artist Bryan Hitch. If you liked the over the top action of Hitch’s The Ultimates, you’re going to love this take on reality TV. Just a word of caution: buy it in print, if you can… We read a digital copy, and it just doesn’t do Hitch’s expansive two page layouts justice.

But that’s not all! There’s also GLORY #25, continuing our favorite of the Extreme Studios reboots; SECRET #1, a sick crime thriller from writer Jonathan Hickman; and two superb collections that are not to be missed, with THE STRANGE TALENT OF LUTHER STRODE, and SEVERED. Seriously, two of our favorite recent miniseries, so if you missed them the first time, do not miss the collections.

Okay, what else? Over at Dark Horse, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER SEASON 9 #8 picks up speed after last issue’s shocking, robot-themed revelation. There’s still plenty of secrets to go around, and this series is proving a worthy successor to the TV show we knew and loved. CONAN THE BARBARIAN #3, meanwhile, continues the sexy adventures of everyone’s favorite Cimmerian on the high seas; and DARK MATTER #4 wraps up an intriguing new scifi universe series with a rather big twist, that demands we get a Dark Matter #5 ASAP.

A few more titles of note, in this rather big week: DANGER GIRL REVOLVER #3 continues to be silly amounts of fun, despite what the cheesecake art – and situations – might imply; SMOKE AND MIRRORS #2 will either prove this series has the goods to create a whole new magical world, or, you know, not; ADVENTURE TIME #3 is just darn funny; and we couldn’t be more excited about the new, ongoing series version of our favorite cranky teen witch with COURTNEY CRUMRIN #1.

And that’s it! We’ll see you next week, for more comics!

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