Feed Your Skylanders Addiction with 3 New Characters!

Activision's Skylanders figures have become the latest toy addiction for both kids and adults. From huge lines at stores about to put out new product, to increasingly insane aftermarket prices, these little warriors have become akin to plastic crack! Taking that into account, we figured there are more than a few fellow Geek readers that would be interested in some photos and info on new characters being released. That's right, there are at least 3 new miniscule monsters for you to track down as the toy hunter you've become: Warnado, Camo, & Wham-Shell!


Warnado is a powerful force and the only known turtle of his kind among the Skylanders. He joins Whirlwind, Sonic Boom and Lightning Rod to the roster of air element characters. Warnado is in perpetual motion and keeps the baddies away with his spin attacks and summon tornado.

Element: Air

Primary Attack: Spin Attack

Secondary Attack: Summon Tornado

Upgrades include:

Sharp Shell

Whirlwind Flight

Turtle Slam

Bio: Warnado was hatched in the fury of a rare and powerful Enchanted Twister. Although initially frightened and quite dizzy, over the passing years he grew to enjoy his whirling surroundings and learned many abilities and secrets of the Air Element. This led to Warnado becoming a powerful force and the only known turtle of his kind. Now, the only time he gets dizzy is when standing still.


Camo completes the life element characters, joining Stealth Elf, Stump Smash and Zook. Half-dragon and half-plant, Camo protects himself and his Skylander friends with his sun burst primary attack and firecracker vines as back-up.

Element: Life

Primary Attack: Sun Burst

Secondary Attack: Firecracker Vines

Upgrades include:

Searing Sun Blast

Melon Fountain

Peppers of Potency

Bio: Hatched at the roots of the Tree of Life, Camo is half-dragon, half-plant – with effervescent life energy flowing through his scaly leaves. This power allows him to cultivate fruits and vegetables at a highly-accelerated rate, which causes them to explode when they ripen. Camo’s unique gift caught the eye of Master Eon, initially because he was hungry and tried to eat a melon that exploded in his face. But upon realizing his true power, Eon convinced Camo to help the Skylanders protect their world.


Wham-Shell is a water character who was once the ruler of a kingdom deep in the oceans of Skylands. When his underwater utopia was invaded by trolls, he needed to arm himself with a powerful mace that had been handed down the previous king. Wham-Shell rounds out the other water characters - Gill Grunt, Slam Bam and Zap.

Element: Water

Primary Attack: Malacostracan Mace

Secondary Attack: Starfish Bullets

Upgrades include:

King’s Mace

Poseidon Strike

Mega Trident

Bio: Wham-Shell was ruler of a kingdom deep in the oceans of Skylands that for a long time lived peacefully. That is, until his underwater utopia was invaded by a legion of oil-drilling trolls that scattered his people to the wind. Armed with a powerful mace that had been handed down from one king to the next for generations, Wham-Shell defeated the greedy trolls and drove them away. Soon after, he joined the Skylanders to help defend against this type of atrocity ever happening again.

"Skylanders Spyro's Adventure" is now available at retailers for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC and 3DS.

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