We Love Fine Tries To Re-Start "Furby" Craze With New Shirts

By Danica Davidson

Remember Furbies? Of course you do. This toy hit it big in the late ‘90s, and like so many things in geek and pop culture, it’s caught the eye of WeLoveFine. Along with all its Star Wars, My Little Pony and comic book inspired merchandise, WeLoveFine has announced its foray into Furby world.

WeLoveFine describes its new T-shirts:

“ ‘Furby Metal’ is a stealth entry into our Rock Tees category, as well; hey, heavy metal lyrics are often hard to understand, right? It makes an odd bit of sense if you consider that Furby's speaking his own language anyway. ‘While You Sleep’ taps into that fine line between childhood love of your Furby... and actual concern for what he was plotting when you drifted off to dreamland. (Aaah! No, it's cool, he's watching you dream. Maybe...) Finally, two of our most popular pop-culture mash-up themes make their way into this collection with ‘Fur Roh Dah’ and ‘Tickles Are Coming’!”

It might not be 1998 anymore, but the Furbish language may be spoken again in 2012. Furbies have been loved, spoofed and shown as nostalgia characters, and now you can wear them as clothes. These T-shirts are now available for $25 each!

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