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Toy Fair 2012: Hasbro's Marvel Legends

The monochrome reviews roll on here on MTV Geek with Hasbro's take on Fantomex from the second wave of Marvel Legends! FF Spider-Man was our first, and although they share a color scheme, Jean-Phillipe has nothing at all to do with the Wall-Crawler. He's a mutant that comes to us courtesy of Grant Morrison, so I won't even try to explain his backstory in the small confines of this review, but it is chronicled here. With the overwhelming popularity of Marvel Comics' Uncanny X-Force, we're kind of surprised it took until the second wave for one of it's members to make an appearance-- even more (and pleasantly) surprised it wasn't a repaint of Wolverine or Deadpool.

Fantomex comes packaged in the now familiar blister card for this relaunch of Marvel Legends. Everything is present on his package that was during our previous reviews, including original artwork from the incredible Ed McGuinness. We're wondering if the artist will change for the 2013 figures since that is how Hasbro has been handling the 3 3/4" Marvel Universe line.

When it comes to the sculpt, Fantomex shares far more parts than any new ones he brings to the table, but the re-use definitely works. He has the body used previously for the Forge & Wolverine two-pack that reflects the 90s-era Jim Lee X uniform. His coat fits over the shoulders and was last seen on the 6" Nick Fury and will be seen again on Wave 3's Blade figure. The head and belt are all new sculpts and do a very good job of meshing the old with the new to give Fantomex a look very similar to his X-Force appearances. His mask has been made to look like it has the hem lines around the eye opening and across the top of the head and reminds us of the sharper lines found in Marvel Legends sculpts compared to some of their competition. The belt was very necessary to pull this look off and it succeeds in adding bulk to the figure thanks to the large buckle and two holsters hanging from the sides.

Fantomex, has one of the most intricate paint schemes in the wave, right next to FF Spider-Man. While most of the figure has been molded in white plastic, the zig-zagging black lines are all over Fantomex and have been applied very cleanly. This could have went horrible. We're talking "hang on the pegs til the end of time" horrible, but Hasbro pulled it off. Our favorite part os that not only does Fantomex look good as is, he also can be displayed without the coat and the patterns still look impressive! The only rough patch is the area where his "skin" meets the black border surrounding the eyehole of his balaclava. It gets a little muddied, but not from a distance. Still, this is his friggin' face so it tends to be more noticeable than if it was elsewhere. Also, as an aside, the white plastic used for Fantomex' coat, legs, and arms seems rather porous when it comes to staining almost to the point that we're worried about handling him too much-- cause of the constantly filthy hands we sport, and because there's already a random stain on the back of his coat.

In the articulation department, Fantomex has the basic joints we've come to expect from these new Legends-- minus the terrific new ankle rockers. He has a swivel/hinge neck, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, dual-hinged elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, hinged torso, swivel waist, swivel/hinge hips, swivel thighs, dual-hinged knees, and swivel/hinge ankles. Our figure holds all of his positions well, and while the "Hasbro Hips" strike again with their aggravation, overall he's easily poseable.

Fantomex comes packaged with a couple of child-Apocalypse-killin' 45s. The pistols have both been molded in gray plastic and feature a gray wash to better bring out the sculpt. The pistols themselves feature extended mags and EOTech-style dot sights. What does that all mean? It means Fantomex has the hardware to accurately put bullets into the skulls of would-be mutant conquerors-- and the extra ammo to keep on doing it over and over. Bloodlust! He also has the right arm of this wave's Build-a-Figure: Arnim Zola! However, we'll go into that further when the evil scientist gets his own review.

So far, Hasbro is 2 for 2 in our Marvel Legends Wave 2 reviews. Will they stumble with Drax: Destroyer of Titans? You'll just have to wait and see! For more on the new Legends, and everything else Hasbro is pumping out these days (besides odd mandates at their cons), be sure to check out the official website!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your Hasbro and Marvel Legends coverage!

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