Avengers VS X-Men, Static Shock, and Supreme: New Comics For April 4th

Hey, are there any big comics coming out this week? Probably not, except for, oh, say...

That’s right, little indie comics darling AVENGERS VS X-MEN #1 finally releases its first issue after months of build-up, and as we’ve gotten a little sneak peak at it, we can say it does live up to the hype. Spoiler time: there are Avengers; there are X-Men; there’s some fighting. And while we don’t know whether it will pan out in the long run, hey, this book is blockbuster comics done right, with a script by Brian Michael Bendis, and art by John Romita, Jr. Is it two weeks from now yet, so we can read issue two?

That’s not the only title coming from Marvel, this week, of course. Of particular note is DAREDEVIL #10.1, a jumping on point for one of the best superhero books on the stands; AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #683, continuing the so far faboo Ends of the Earth storyline pitting Spidey against his greatest enemies; and AVENGERS ACADEMY #28, which crosses over with our other favorite teen team, The Runaways.

Over at DC, we’re actually highly anticipating STATIC SHOCK #8... Even if it is the last issue. #7, the first issue by new writer Marc Bernardin, was everything could - and should have been - all along. It’s a bummer he only got a crack at two issues, but if this is as good as the last, we’ll be happy campers.

DC also has ANIMAL MAN #8 and SWAMP THING #8 continuing to amp up the fight against the evil Rot; while Vertigo has a great week with the releases of AMERICAN VAMPIRE #25, FAIREST #2, SWEET TOOTH #32, all good series well worth your time.

While DC is content to sit and watch the AvX thunder, Image isn’t sitting back this week, releasing a brand new issue of Alan Moore’s legendary SUPREME #63. With art by Erik Larsen, this is a trippy story that probably has already been discredited by Moore or something, but regardless of circumstances, it’s mind-bending fun for comic book fans.

Other titles of note include FATALE #4, which ramps up the crazy factor of this horror noir by about eleven; CHEW #25, featuring the surprise return of an old favorite character, as well as some huge pay-off moments; and SAVAGE DRAGON #179, which ends with probably the most f-ed up panel you’ll read all year, and we say that in a good way. Probably.

Last but not least, Dynamite releases THE BOYS #65, which finishes the second to last arc of the series, and leaves us wondering where else the series has to go. And BOOM gives us Grace Randolph’s suburban superheroes riff SUPURBIA #2, which was a lot of fun and world building the first issue, so now we’re eager to see all that set-up start paying off.

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