Battle Arena Otaku Fight! Fight!: Sephiroth vs. Goku, Hello Kitty vs. Manga Batman

This is MTV Geek's Battle Arena Otaku Fight! Fight! A tournament-style, knock-down, drag-out, free-for-all, battle royale featuring your favorite anime, manga and Japanese pop-culture characters! Each arena match-up will be posted and voted on by you, the MTV Geek reader, and each winner will advance closer and closer to becoming the supreme reigning champion of the Battle Arena Otaku! Who will take the top spot? Sailor Moon? Godzilla? Hello Kitty? There's only way to find out…FIGHT! FIGHT!

The ultimate anime hero against the fan-favorite video game villain. Plus, can the manga version of the world's most ready superhero prepare him for the onslaught of cuteness from Sanrio? It's Final Fantasy VII's baddie Sephiroth vs. Dragon Ball hero Goku and Hello Kitty versus Manga Batman.

The case could be pretty strong for Sephiroth: he's got looks, he's got style, he's got a deadly sword, and he can't seem to stay dead, no matter how many game series you kill him in. Appearing not only in his now 15-year-old FFVII debut, he's made the jump to CG animation with Advent Children and even bedeviled Sora and company in Kingdom Hearts. Then there's Goku, the long-lived Dragon Ball hero whose adventures many of you could probably recount in greater detail than the last good book you read. He's been around for quite a bit longer than Sephiroth, he's the ultimate good guy, and he appears to have almost unlimited reserves of power.

Then there's our other matchup and I'm not even sure how to start. First off, a little background on why Batman is on this list: in the mid-60's, Shonen King magazine ran a series of Batman strips with their own take on the character, introducing new villains to Batman's rogues gallery while giving Bruce Wayne a Japanese twist.

So: batarang vs. Hello Kitty = Batman wins

Detective skills vs. Hello Kitty = Batman wins

Sweet car vs. Hello Kitty = Batman wins.

But how will the world's greatest detective fare against the most nefarious enemy of all: hugs?

<a href="" mce_href="">Sephiroth (Final Fantasy) vs. Goku (Dragon Ball Z)</a>

<a href="" mce_href="">Hello Kitty vs. Manga Batman</a>

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