Welcome to MTV Geek's Battle Arena Otaku Fight! Fight!

Update 4/6/12: The fourth batch of polls are now open!

Update 4/5/12: The third batch of polls are now open!

Haruhi Suzimiya vs. Shin

Lupin vs. Himura Kenshin

Voltron vs. Yui

Pikachu vs. Negi Springfield

Domo vs Godzilla

Kei Kurono vs. Tetsuo

Ranma vs. Kigome

Belldandy vs. Vampire Princess Miyu

Update 4/4/12: The second batch of polls are now open!

Spike Spiegel vs. Mugen

Black Star vs. Luffy

Astro Boy vs. Vash the Stampede

Joe Asakura vs. Captain Harlock

Sephiroth vs. Goku

Hello Kitty vs. Manga Batman

Eikichi Onizuka vs. Kumiko Yamaguchi

Rin Okumura vs. Ichigo Kurosaki

Update 4/3/12: The first batch of polls are now open!

Sailor Moon vs. Hatsune Miku

Vampire Hunter D vs. Golgo 13

Speed Racer vs. Kamen Rider

Kikaider vs. 8-Man

Shinji Ikari vs. Chie Satonaka

Sebastian Michaelis vs. Black Jack

Mameshiba vs. Totoro

Rick Hunter vs. Clare

Check back for round two!

Who had the best style, vocaloid Hakune Mitsu or Sailor Moon? Who'd be the first to crack the case, L or Phoenix Wright? Which tough-talking badass do you want to watch your back when it's about to go down—Spike Spiegel or Mugen?

With our one month event Battle Arena Otaku Fight! Fight!, we plan to let you, the readers decide. We're taking 64 classic characters from anime, manga, and Japanese film and TV, pairing them off, and letting you decide who's the coolest, the most interesting, the funniest, the best dressed, essentially the best among some classic characters and a few that had a pretty big year in 2011.

Starting tomorrow April 3, 2012 and running through May 5, 2012, we'll have groups of eight pairs for you to vote on, and we'll announce the votes at the end of the week. As you start paring down the list to your favorite characters, we'll start putting together new matchups, until only one character remains on top. It's kind of like a bracket system, but with Kigome instead of Kobe (we can hear your groans from here!).

Get a look at the match-ups right here!

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