Who Does "Game Of Thrones" Scribe George R.R. Martin Think Will Win "AvX"?

An author known for writing epic battles gives his opinion on another -- "Avengers VS X-Men." George R.R. Martin recently sat down with Marvel.com for a long and revealing interview in which they discussed Game of Thrones, Wild Cards, and his early years in comic book fandom. Martin was such a Marvel Comics fan that he had a letter printed in Fantastic Four #20, way back in 1961!

So who better to give his opinion on who will win "Avengers VS X-Men" ? This is what Martin had to say:

"Well I think the Avengers would win, [especially] if you have the A-List Avengers. There have been, as you know, many, many different Avengers over the years, but if you have the classic Avengers with you Thor and Iron Man and the heavyweights...yeah I think they would win."

That said, Martin cautioned that it all also depended on who the specific X-Men team was that the Avengers were facing off with.

Portrait of the writer as a young man: George R.R. Martin in the 1970s!

The entire interview is quite a facinating look at the beginnings of one of today's hottest writers -- so check it out on Marvel.com! And don't forget to tune in to the season two premiere of "Game of Thrones," Sunday April 1 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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