Gentle Giant Unleashes a Gun-Toting Samurai Statue from 'Sucker Punch'

"Sucker Punch", as with all Zach Snyder films, was visually impressive; from the robot-infested bullet trains to the trenches of zombie warfare, and the castle spires of a dragon's abode. However, one of the all-around greatest hallucinations to come out of Baby Doll's mind was that of a massive samurai warrior brandishing a minigun and ripping bullets throughout a burning dojo-- before Baby killed it, of course. Now Gentle Giant Ltd. is bringing that mind-blowing badassery to the masses with their latest statue release: The Sucker Punch Colossal Samurai with Minigun Statue! with a title that long, you just know it's gonna be good!

Read on for all the details, along with plenty of photos!

"If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."

Every bit as massive in polystone as it is on screen, Gentle Giant is proud to bring you the Sucker Punch Colossal Samurai with Minigun Statue. Representing the first obstacles in her quest for freedom, this gigantic warrior and its two brethren were quickly dispatched by Babydoll as she began to come into her true power. Now, this behemoth joins the rest of our line of 18" scale statues.

Featuring an unprecedented level of detail and hand-crafted by Gentle Giant's top artisans, the Colossal Samurai with Minigun Statue is a centerpiece for any true collector's display. Standing an impressive 23 inches tall and weighing almost 25 pounds, this gargantuan piece certainly lives up to its name! Hand painted and individually numbered, this limited edition 18" scale polystone monster of a statue comes with a matching Certificate of Authenticity.

Now available for pre-order directly through!

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