Check Out These Art Deco Marvel And Star Wars Tees From We Love Fine!

By Danica Davidson

WeLoveFine — the place with the “Freakin’ Awesome Tees!!!!” — is back with more cool merchandise. Remember learning about Art Deco in Art Appreciation class? Well, Art Deco is not an art style of the past: WeLoveFine now has an Art Deco category.

“The iconography of this early 20th-century art movement makes for apparel that is both visually striking and a subtle, fashionable take on geek culture apparel!” WeLoveFine said in an official press release. So how is the company mixing Art Deco with geekery?

For starters, they have three new Star Wars shirts with Cloud City on Bespin, ice planet Hoth and Coruscant. If you’re into Star Wars, you should be geeking out by now.

But the whole Art Deco thing won’t just be used for George Lucas’s world. WeLoveFine is also getting Marvel images into the act with T-shirts showing Juggernaut, Galactus, Deadpool and Spider-Man.

“There are also portrait deco designs that merge the framing style typically seen in our hugely successful Art Nouveau series with Art Deco elements; a classic example is ‘Deco Spider-Man’, which sees your friendly neighborhood web-slinger posed with perhaps the most iconic Art Deco structure in the world, the Chrysler Building,” WeLoveFine said.

So there you have: shirts you can wear to an art museum or a comics convention.

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